Learning Programs

Next Generation realizes that every child is unique. Some children find math interesting while others excel at reading. We cater to your child’s likes by offering extra programs that supplement our rich curriculum.

Our class sizes remain small to ensure the one-on-one personal attention that every child deserves. Courses are scheduled on an “as requested” basis and are available year around for parents and students to enjoy. Classes last 45-60 minutes and provide the foundation for lifelong learning and school success.

Classes are customized to each student and include age appropriate books, games and activities. Parents will be kept updated so they are able to continue the foundation of what their child learns in class.

Movement & Motion Program

The movement and motion program is our most popular outdoor class.  It contains a fitness component while instilling a sense of sportsmanship and teamwork.  This program is customized to the level of the participants and typically includes learning the basic rules of sports conduct.

History Program

The history program is our version of bringing a child back in time.  Children will have a chance to explore history and appreciate its importance in the modern day.  This program is customized to each student’s level of understanding and provides a healthy dose of fun along the journey in time.

Arts & Crafts Program

The arts and crafts program provides children with the ability to accomplish art projects that are complicated and in-depth.  While every class does art on a regular basis, children love to express themselves through paint, clay, paper and glue.  This program encourages creativity and is tailored to level of each student enrolled.

Reading Program

The reading program assists children with the fundamental skills of identifying sight words, phonics and letters.  Children have the change to explore books and words though games and lessons tailored to their reading.  This program helps children to become early readers and have a lifelong passion for reading.

Spanish Program

The Spanish program teaches children a foreign language while they are young.  Studies have shown that the sooner parents introduce children to a second language; the easier it is for children to understand and retain the language.  Children learn Spanish through interactive games, immersion into the language and art.  This program is customized to the level of each student enrolled in the program so fluency and conversational communication is accomplished.

Writing Program

The writing program provides children with an outlet to journal their thoughts and feelings.  For our younger students, it provides an opportunity to learn how to write the alphabet, their name and their address.  Children will have the chance to enjoy writing and a pace that is customized to their learning ability.  This program encourages high standards and neat penmanship.

Etiquette Program

The etiquette program reminds children how important manners are in our society.  This program helps children remember manners, appropriate behavior and how to behave when visiting a fancy restaurant to grandma’s house.  This program is customized to each child and the teacher works directly with the parents to ensure that skills important to the parent are discussed during the program.


The math program is one of our favorite programs among students.  Learning math is brought to life through fun activities such as art, board games and storytelling.  This program helps students find their passion for math while having fun along the way.  Each class is catered to the level of each student enrolled while ensuring that children are Kindergarten ready.


The science program is one of the programs that children enjoy learning the most.  Providing the foundation for a love of science leads inquisitive minds that continue to problem solve and imagine through the years.  Each program is catered to the students in the class and topics vary from rocket science and global warming to weather changes and nuclear molecules.

Nutrition & Cooking

The nutrition and cooking program brings math and science together for a delicious ending.  This program helps children with the fundamental basics of cooking, mixing and healthy habits.  Each program is catered to the palates of each student and encourages cleanliness and safety.

Music & Movement

The music and movement program brings music, dancing and fun together for an experience that will last a lifetime.  This program improves coordination and rhythm and helps children express themselves in a positive way.  Each course is tailored to the individual learner and helps to improve thought process, reasoning and memory.

Social Studies

Our social studies program is a favorite among parents.  Children learn about the world around them from the surrounding community to different cultures.  This program involves art, reading and projects that will help children understand how they fit into their community.  Each course is designed to each child and will help them become excited about the neighborhood they live in.

Baby Sign Language

Our baby sign language class is a favorite among parents and students.  Children learn to communicate with sign language before they can verbalize their wants and needs.  This program involves hand-eye coordination and reading stories.  Each course is tailored to the developmental stage of the children in the class and interactive the entire time.  This is our only class that is 20 minutes in length and held twice a week.